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Re-Play Also Links to the Latest Sensor, Wearable and Software Technology to Utilize Their Performance Data and Further Refine Your Training.
Scientifically driving your information to action, and action to results, is what you get when you use bots to drive your training and algorithms to focus + accelerate your growth.
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Led by Your Very Own Team of Industry Experts...

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  • Physical Training
    (Strength, Agility,
  • Skills Training/Drills
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Mindset +
    Mental Preparation
  • Goal Setting
  • Accomplishments
  • Event Calendar
    (Filters Training)
  • Injury Tracking
  • Communication +Synchronization
  • Connections, + More.
We Will Match + Connect You to Your Very Own Team of Industry Known, Seasoned Experts Who Will  Quickly, Easily and Interactively Guide You Through Each Step, Including Your Own Personal:

Instant Everything.

3 seconds*
to Create  
Your Personal  
Nutrition Plan  
5 seconds*
to Create  
Your Personal  
Training Plan  
We Accomplish This by Analyzing Your Personal and Performance Data and Comparing it to National Benchmarks to Define Your Unique Needs and Focus Your Daily Training Activity on Those Needs.
   Just Follow
   the Plan and
   You Will be a
   Better Athlete... No Time.
Re-Play Takes the Guesswork Out of Training and Makes You a Better Athlete Almost Immediately.
*  It's actually faster
   than that but we
   didn't want to brag.

Realize Your Potential + Your Dreams...

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Chart Your Progress + Project
Out Your Future Abilities.
Capture Accomplishments +
Goals Both On + Off the Field.
Creates a Critical Foundation
of Information Needed to
Play at a Higher Level.
Share Your Success with family, coaches, recruiters + more. 
*  Free trial/usage is available to   
 who are unable to afford
services and qualify.
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Your Data + Activity are Synchronized on Both Our App + Web Platform So You
Can Access it...

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At Re-Play we take your privacy seriously. Your personal individual info and data is extremely private information. All shared information is 100% at the exclusive control of the user. We will never share, rent or sell your information. Playing sports and working out involve risk of injury or at times even death. User acknowledges that the services are designed to provide recommendations that guide player development, but ultimately all training decisions and activity are the sole responsibility of the athlete and/or their parent/guardian, if the athlete is a minor. User acknowledges that the services provide suggestions based on scientific analysis and user supplied information, however each athlete's personal circumstances may be different and require the use of judgement whether or not the recommendations apply to your situation and if they can be completed by the athlete without any injury or harm. By using the services the user agrees to hold harmless and release Re-Play, its officers and affiliates should any injury arise from using the services.